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Skin Configurations


LEAP Skin Configurations lets you share custom settings and assets across skins by calling a specific configuration and it’s associated resources.
An example of where Skin Configurations are useful is to manage a site that has both intranet and internet requirements. Configurations allow for specific setting customization without needing a whole new skin.

  • Name your configuration
  • specify the DTD (Document Type Description – tells the browser what version of HTML language to use) from the pick list
  • Turn off XML Declaration is used for sites which need to be available for viewing in old browsers such as Internet Explorer 6
  • Additional Head Tags are like Meta Tags that help define your sites pages to Search Engines
  • Body Tags are for tagging the content types that will be in these areas
  • Base URL is required if the skin is being defined as an Email specific skin
  • the Assets box is where you list the location of all asset files to be included in this configuration. Once set, wherever this asset is called, the correct asset will appear
  • the Style Group makes sure that this style will show correctly in the Group of your choice. 

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