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Editing Content - introduction

Edit the content in a new or existing content Space by:

  • Leap5.1 only! when you are leap'd in, click directly on the text you want to change and the Fast Edit window opens
  • clicking the Leaping frog icon to turn the Lenses on, then,
  • click into the body of the highlighted Lens to open a Main editing window.

In this Main editing window you can edit the text, and make adjustments to font - such as bold, italic, size, alignment, add images and links, and add horizontal lines to break up sections of text.

TIP! For checking a link when you've made one in the Fast Edit (without lenses), use a different browser window (otherwise it thinks you're trying to edit the link again).

See more editing options, including Image Styling and Advance Image - CSS styling in the following sections. 

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