LEAP™ is a content editor’s dream (CMS), a designer’s best option, and the perfect framework for site development.
LEAP™ is simpleLEAPLEAP™ is secureLEAPLEAP™ is SEO-centric

LEAP™ Toolbar

When you are logged in, the LEAP™ Toolbar will load, and the Lenses can then appear on demand, over your editable content spaces.

The ToolBar is divided into six sections: 
  •  System:  where the server level settings are configured and managed. This includes Users, Site domains, email, skins, spaces, styles. 
  • Site: where site level settings are configured and managed. This includes adding and managing pages, setting up and managing menu structures, setting up and managing news feeds, and setting LEAP tags.
  • Add Content: a pick list for which content pieces you want to ADD onto a page.
  • Premium functions: a set of tools that you can subscribe to for value-adding functionality.
  • Page Management hot buttons: takes you to the configuration options specific to the page you are looking at.
  • Help: immediately links to where the use of the tools and functions available are described.

This User Guide is divided into these sections for you to find the functions you need.

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