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Adding images using Text general content module - introduction

When you are in a Text content module, you have the ability to add images, and place and style them in the text to create the look and feel you are after with a few simple steps:

  • open a Text content module in either the mini, or full size editing window - depending on the size and space available of your content area
  • select the image Icon from the editing tools to specify and set your image, and image properties
  • add an image from the Image Info tab by selecting Browse Server to view your available images, and from here you can upload any new images.
    •  For more assistance on file uploading, see the File Manager administration section.


TIP! DO NOT ‘cut and paste’ an image in from your local machine however tempting it may be. While it may show correctly in your current window, the image file will not be visible to any other user as it is not available on the website server. Take the time to upload the image, then use it with confidence.

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