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Placing Banner Ads in your LEAP website

First check that all steps have been completed at the site level including:

  1. Configuration of Site level Banner Ad Sizes
  2. Configuration of Site level Banner Ads

You are now ready to place your Banner Ads into a webpage.

Remember to review and understand each content space before placing your Ads:

  • If you want the Ads to appear on a specific page, place the Ad in a page level space
  • If you want the Ads to appear on any and every page of the page group, place the Ad in a Page Group level space.
  • If you want the Ads to appear on evey page of you site, choose a Domain level space.

For more on spaces see Spaces, Scopes and Lenses.

To place a configured Banner Ad on your site

  1. From the Add Content Leap menu, select Advertising / Leap Banner Plugin
  2. Click to insert the Banner Plugin at the space level you determined from above
  3. First Specify the Size of the Ad you are placing. You will need to become familiar with the pixel dimensions of your website design to do this effectively
  4. Then select the Banner Group
  5. You will see that the list of available Ads that meet both the size, and group criteria will pre-populate for you to select from. If no Ads appear, then either the Ad you want is not available in that size, or the Ad is not available in the group you have selected. Go back and check the settings for your Ads 

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