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Frequently Asked Questions

When I visit my new LEAP™ install, I get a blank page or an error stating this domain is not activated for use with LEAP™?

When you first install LEAP™ 5, you are asked to define the domains (website addresses) that LEAP™ should answer to. Please check the address in your web browser is one of these.

If you still cannot access your LEAP™ system, please contact LEAP™ Support.

I can’t see LEAP on my website.

If it’s a new website set up in LEAP, then check your LEAP Access word that  is supplied on installation. 

If it’s an existing website, then it will need to be LEAPized, so you can begin your LEAPing to manage your site. Contact Treefrog Interactive Inc, or your local LEAP installer for help on converting an existing site.

Re-sizing my browser window doesn’t resize the lenses.

The lenses detect the size of your browser window and spaces on opening. If you resize your browser window after this, the lenses cannot reliably detect this so will not automatically resize.

The simple solution is: close the lenses, and reopen them when you’ve finished resizing your browser window.

Mail system 'next' button not working in IE

LEAP™5 and the components such as the mail system is designed for IE8 and above.

If you are running IE8 or higher and still cannot see or use the full system functions, make sure Internet Explorers 'Compatibility Mode' is turned OFF.

I can’t see my Lenses because the default shading colour is the same as my site skin

Your LEAP administrator can change the default Scope Colour and opacity for your Lenses using RGBA values found under System/ Appearance / Spaces / Manage Scopes.

I just added a new user and they can’t log in

First go to view users, and check to see that you marked the Status as Active. If the status is correctly marked as Active, try resetting their password, tick “Update Password”, Save, and note to the user that the password is ‘case sensitive’ - it has to be entered exactly.

Default text “your content here” still shows on cancel

Once you have clicked into an insertable object it is automatically populated with the starting content so that you can see where your content areas exist. If it’s not needed, with Lenses on, just click the Trash and blow it away.

I don’t have a LEAP™ button for my desk – where can I get one?

These cool USB buttons are usually given to you on LEAPizing your website. More LEAP™ buttons are available from your local Authorized LEAP reseller with replacements free. For a list of resellers contact Treefrog Interactive Inc.

I don’t have a spare USB port for the LEAP™ button

You don’t have to use the LEAP button – just use your mouse to click on the Leaping Frog on your Toolbar.

What if I want to install on a dev URL?

If you are installing on a dev URL, you will need to indicate this in the registration process....

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