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Applying a Style to a LEAP™ website - introduction

A Style Group, or Style holds set the font styles, colours, and other settings to apply to that type of content whenever it occurs inside that group. This means your website visitors and customers can get the ‘look and feel experience’ that faithfully represents your brand or design in a professional way.

When you add or edit content, you can select from the pre-specified styles that are designed for your site by using the pick list inside your editing window.  You can style a Header, body content, quotes, indented lists, place horizontal line breaks, and vary a style across a sentence. You can erase a style that is set, and apply a new style, or modify the existing style.

How to create new styles so that these will appear in the style pick list is documented in section System / Appearances / Styles

Note: Styles are applied in a hierarchical way - there is always a 'Normal' default. There can be modifiers like the colour or height, or header level. The deepest level is the custom Styles. However, the Custom Style CSS will be overwritten by the higher levels for everything that is not specified.


  • if the font size is not specified in the custom Style, it will use whatever font size is on the content you are applying the style to
  • if the font size is specified in the Style, then applying this style will apply the font size.


TIP! if you have trouble erasing the style formatting, it is due to you having selected content that has more than one style applied - to remove them sequentially place your cursor anywhere in the offending content, then click at the bottom of the edit window where it will show something like " body  p   span  " - this is the style cascade. Click the last element 'span' and this will show ALL of the content that is using this style, then click the eraser icon and bingo, the style is all erased!

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