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Menu Manager - adding a Menu

The LEAP™5 Menu Manager is where you set the information architecture and navigation for your website.
You create the structure here, then in the Content section, you add your pre-specified Menu into the layout of your choosing.

TIP! Creating the Menu and navigation to pages at the start of your website development will give you a physical feel for your site, long before the pretty design and swathes of content are added. If you can’t click a path to your key products or services easily, then you can rethink the structure and adjust it here.

You can set up a context specific menu structure using one, or all of the following:

  • a menu across the ‘top’ of your site for main navigation items, and key actions for browsers;
  • a ‘left side’ navigation for drillable layers of detail;
  • a ‘right side’ navigation for features and highlights;
  • a footer menu for background knowledge, articles, references, context, locations, or such like.

TIP! to be called correctly with a CSS Design, these Menus need to be named exactly to match the names used in the CSS coding.  

In the LEAP™ Menu Manager you see a list of existing Menus (if any), and can Add a new Menu type by:

  • click Add Menu - and give your new menu a name
  • specify the Type of menu - this is where the menu will source its list from.
  • the most common type is ‘Page Items’ - this means your Menu will only contain links to Pages (and only the ones that you specify).
  • using the ‘Tag’ options allows for a dynamic list to be created. This will be made up from items on your site that are tagged with a label - all items tagged with the same label will appear as links when that menu item is clicked on. 

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