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Making A Blog List Page

This is the second step is creating an interactive blog section of your site. This first step is creating Blog Content pages, and now we create a page to hold the List of your blogs. The List displays the Slugs for each of your blogs, in date order.

  • Create a new page for your Blog List, (OR, if you have a Blog List designed into an area of your Site's skin, from a page with that skin carry out the steps below)
  • From the Add Content menu, choose Blog - Add Blog List
  • In the List mode you have the choice of:
    • List - a full list with slug for use on the main content body area of your page
    • Sidebar - a Title only list for use in a side section of your page 
  • Category allows you to group your blogs, eg Travel, Product, Team, Personal, Hobbies if you want to have different pages showing different Blogs
  • Finally, set how many blog posts you want to show (the default is 100, which would be a very long page!)

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