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Adding Text and Image Content

Adding text and images is done by using the Add Content menu. From Add Content, select the type of content you wish to add.

You will then see Insert Boxes, showing all the places that you can add your piece of content - either above or below any existing content, and only in the Spaces that have been designed into the Skin that your page is configured with.

  • Click the Leaping frog icon to turn the Lenses on, then,
  • Click into the body of the highlighted Lens to open a Basic editing window, OR,
  • Click the 'go-large' edit icon  to open a larger edit window with a greater selection of insert, import and edit tools

TIP! Take great care when selecting a content insertion area - a common mistake is to pick one that has a Site level scope, instead of Page level. This shows by your new page content appearing on your Home Page! Copy your content and Delete this content element, then insert a new element in the Page level and paste your content.

Using the large edit window, you have many standard editing tools to use. 

Top left is the Source button - this toggles to show you the code version of the content you can see in the editing window.

The bottom left is the Style selector, that will reference any styles coded in as part of the skin you have uploaded

Next to the Style selector is the standard format selector, font selector, size, colour, and highlighting selector. These give you the ability to modify the styles where the pre-set styles do not include what you want.

The most important icon is the blue Eraser for "remove format". This icon may appear in different places, depeding on the size, and version, of your edit window. This helps you remove excess formatting that comes in with pasted text (unless you use the 'paste from word' or 'paste as plain text' options icons - also in the top row toward the left).

The second most useful thing you can do for your website after having meaningful content (information and images) is to have that information actively linked to let the read follow a thread of interest.

Add links to your text by selecting the text you want to link from, then click the chainlink icon (in the screenshot above it has the world behind it, but in other screens it may be a chain icon on it's own).

Once the link tool has been selected, you will have the fields presented for 'destination' which is the page you will send the viewer to on click.  If it is a page on the same site you are on, you only need to add the url from the first '/' onwards.

If the destination is on another website you need the full url from http:// onwards. When sending viewers off your website, always be sure to set the Target tab to 'New Window' so that your website remains open without viewers needing to browse back to it.

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