LEAP™ is a content editor’s dream (CMS), a designer’s best option, and the perfect framework for site development.
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An Introduction to LEAP™ 5

LEAP™ 5 provides a complete all-you-can-eat way of managing your website, right from the out of the box.

The LEAP™ Toolbar is overlaid on your current website when you are L3AP'ed in, giving you editing power without you losing the immediate visual – what-you-see-is-what-you-get effect. This online guide will take you through all of functions, OR, you can use the search to find just what you want.

For Content Editors the LEAP™ tools lets you add all types of content, and makes it easy for you to make that content look really good. You can create new pages, or whole websites, with the pages 'inactive' - hidden from the general web world, yet visible to your LEAP'ed in users - speeding up the revision and approval process.

For Designers, you can apply the core styling right into the site, or even design a new skin to be simply switched out for the existing one.

For Developers, they get the power to add their own functionality via API's and still get the benefit of the configurable admin and easy to use support processes.

For SEO Engineers, the core tools are built right in at page and skin level giving an immediate boost to focused optimization.

For Business Managers, the analytics functionality gives you the 'how your site is doing' and the optional advanced SEO functionality and click-mapping gives you cutting edge feedback on just how your website is helping your business conquer your market - be that local - or across the world.

The Modules available in LEAP™5 include Full text, Comment, Blog, News pulls, FAQ, Google maps, Weather, Glossary, Search, Forms, Tags, and SEO management  -  with an ever expanding selection that will be published and updated frequently.

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