LEAP™ is a content editor’s dream (CMS), a designer’s best option, and the perfect framework for site development.
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General Concepts

A LEAP™5 enabled website puts in place the ‘load it once and use it many’ principle that reduces the size of your website overall, simplifies the management, and increases speed both of administration and of serving a page on the web.

Configurable content areas

A key difference is that you set up or configure each ‘type’ of content independently of placing the content - with the exception of text. 

Here is an example using a News Feed - although this could be any type of configurable content:

Configure 5 different news feeds within the News Manager: we will use Industry, Social, Corporate, Green, and Awards as our examples

Select News Feed Content from the Add Content menu and place the module on several different pages. 

You can then configure each placement to have a different combination of News Feeds. For example:

  • On your Home page: add Industry News and Corporate
  • On your About page: add Social, Green, and Awards
  • On your Services page: add Industry News and Awards
  • On the 'Our Staff' page: add Social
  • On the Locations page: add Corporate
  • On the Social Responsibility page: add Green


Flexibility is more than just about placement

You can create new pages, or new menu items, and set the status on them to not show until you are all finished and ready for the world to see them.

What you see is what you get.

LEAPing in you can add content areas, and images or links inside them, set and apply styles, and update your layout all while still being able to see your website pages just as the rest of the world will. LEAP™5 takes you directly into edit mode from where-ever you are viewing with just a few keystrokes. 

The Page Settings Hot Buttons on the top right of your LEAP™5 toolbar give you instant access to change or set configurations most commonly used on your pages right - directly for the page you are currently viewing.

Make your change, save and LEAP out. 

It’s that simple. 

Read on for more on how to achieve this.

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