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Adding a Page - introduction

From the Site Menu, select Add Page.

This opens a window where you need to:

  • Give the page a general title
  • Click suggest to get the 'web-safe' URL option for that name, OR, type or edit your own URL with no spaces or strange characters!
  • Select the skin
  • Specify a page group (if any)
  • Specify page keywords (if any)
  • Click save
  • if you want the page live immediately - don't forget to go to Page Manager, List Pages and click the 'live' button!
    • if you don't set it live, only a LEAPed in user will see the Page you just created (which is great if it's not finished)

For more detail on how to add a page see the Site Menu section.

TIP! you can edit into the suggested URL to create a shorter URL. Do this with care that you do not add unsafe characters like 'apostrohpe's' and ' space in your URL '

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