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Page Groups

Use Page Groups to simplify and streamline your site updates - making the most of your valuable time by avoiding having to set the same specifications on every page.

Click Add a Page Group to:

  • specify the Page Group name
  • specify the Site that the group will apply to - if you administer more than one site on this server
  • specify the Zone that the group will use
  • set the Style Group that will be used - Style Groups are set up under System /CSS Styles

Add the Page group to the configuration of Pages you have created, or as you add new Pages. These Pages will all inherit the attributes set as Page Group level within that specific Page Group.

You can delete a Style Group, with caution, as you will need to be aware of any pages that still refer to the style definitions. If the Style Group is deleted without first being removed from use within pages, those pages will be left with an inconsistent or default style for their content - prone to ugliness!

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