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News Manager * (not available in LEAP™5 Lite)

Regular, fresh and relevant content is vital to gain and maintain a high level of engagement from casual and regular viewers of your site; it adds value, and usually adds to your search engine ranking. Use this standard module to automate your news feeds directly onto your site, or to manually create an introduction and a bridge to external news items.

Add News Feed

  • choose a name that describes the feed e.g. ‘community news’, ‘innovation’, ‘iPad news’
  • set the default UL Object Class Name 
  • set the default List Item Class Name 
  • set the site for this News feature to apply to - if you administer more than one site from this server

Add News Item

  • choose the feed e.g. ‘community news’, ‘innovation’, ‘iPad news’
  • enter the Title of the article
  • enter the Author
  • select the date for this news item
  • optional - give the item a description
  • set the link type: either Link for a URL, or File if you want the item to be downloaded like a pdf
  • set the URL for the link
  • set whether the item should open directly (fine for internal links), or in a new window (best for external links so you don’t lose your browsers completely)

List News Feeds

  • shows the Feeds that have been defined
  • gives access to view and edit the articles within a Feed by clicking the  icon
  • the edit tool allows you to change the details described in Add News Feed
  • the delete tool lets you permanently remove the News Feed entirely

TIP! do not use the delete in the News Feed List unless you are sure you want to remove ALL items within that Feed. To remove or edit a single news item use the  icon. 

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