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Site Configuration of Banner Ad Sizes

Site level configuration of Banner Ad sizes is usually done once during the set-up phase and should not need editing after that. Most activity will happen at the site Banner Management and content Advertising Placement levels.

Banner Config - Manage Size Groups

Banner sizes in LEAP™ follow the standards set by Google Adsense, the market leader for ad placements. Careful design of Ad spaces is needed during the website design process to meet these international standards or the website owner will be limited to custom Ads instead of being able to offer their Ad spaces to commecial placement services.

Banner Size options.

Banner sizes are arranged into the following categories

 Banner Group Name               Banner Description                          Banner Size       
Recomended Wide Skyscraper 160 x 160
  Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
  Large Rectangle 336 x 280
  Leaderboard 728 x 90
Other - Horizontal Half Banner 234 x 60
  Banner 468 x 60
Other - Vertical Vertical Banner 120 x 240
  Skyscraper 120 x 600
Other - Square Button 125 x 125
  Small Rectangle 180 x 150
  Small Square 200 x 200
  Square 250 x 250
Link Units   120 x 90
    160 x 90
    180 x 90
    468 x 15
    728 x 15

Click to view what these Ad sizes look like

Add Ad Size Group

To add new size groups click Add Size Group and enter the group name. Click save. Your new group is created with the status unchecked so the group is not live and will not show.

To create a new entry in an Ad Size Group click 'configure'. This opens the Banner Size entries, and will be blank for a new group.

Click Add Banner Size Item to set up a custom Ad size configuration. Give your custom Ad size a name, Select the correct Group to show it under, enter the pixel size for Width and Height and click Save.

Deleting Ad Sizes and Ad Size Groups

When an Ad Size Group has entries associated to it, and padlock icon will show instead of a detelet button. You can only delete an Ad Size Group that has no Ad Sizes associated to it. When all Ad Sizes are removed, the "X" delete icon will appear.

You can only delete an Ad Size that is not in use on your LEAP website. The delete button will be locked until all entries or use of that Size are removed or reassigned.

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