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Applying a Design to a LEAP™ website - introduction


The “Skin” of the website is where the design, colour, shapes, style features live. It is defined in a CSS Skin Package, and gives the foundational elements that you apply your content into. The Skin gives your website it’s unique ‘look and feel’, complete with your chosen font, colours, fancy headers and other style elements.

Your LEAP™5 install comes with a default skin as a starting point, and more can be added.

New CSS skins are added to the web-server directory - so you need this done a user with LEAP Systems administrator access. See the section System / Appearance / Skins. 

Once a new skin is added to the server directory, it is selectable from the configuration options of any page.  You can experiment with what the new skin does to your existing pages before you make them live.  This means you can quickly and cleanly get your new page set up; update your website when you strengthen or update your branding; add a product or service; or even restructure your entire website by adding a two or three column skin, a new feature sidebar, or a new banner.

Look out for a new CSS uploader in a coming release of LEAP™5 - you will be able to upload simple CSS files without waiting for the Server Administrator. 

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