LEAP™ is a content editor’s dream (CMS), a designer’s best option, and the perfect framework for site development.
LEAP™ is simpleLEAPLEAP™ is secureLEAPLEAP™ is SEO-centric

The LEAP™5 website operating system comes fully-fledged with a solid core set of modules, and enough plugins and extras to satisfy your site's every need.

Standard Modules


 Access Zones   Add Page     Banners & Ad Manager  Blog  Calendar   Comments                 
  eBroadcasting  $$
 ecommerce Shopping Cart  
Event Manager  File Manager  FAQ       Forms Manager
 Galleries & Image loader  Google Maps  Listings: Glossary Tips  Memberships  Menu Manager Menu Navigator
 News  Old URL     Manager  Page Manager  Product detail  Product Display  
  Robots Manager  RSS Feed  Display  Search  SEO Keywords  SEO  Tags          Simple text
 Sitemap XML Generator  Tag Page Directory  Text (Content and Image)  Social Media   Users  


LEAP™5 Developers Tools

Chili Code Code Wrapper                                                                                            


NOTE: Modules included in license packs may change from time to time. Modules are listed for reference purposes and do not denote any right of use.

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